John hurt his arm playing tennis.

Carol was in the bar. She finds it difficult to get around.
Emma was sitting in an armchair. She said she would be back in an hour.
Sue got home late. She looked at the sights and took photographs.
Ann went out. She was reading a book.
A man ran out of the house. She was having a drink.
Linda was in London for two years. He was shouting.
Mary walked round the town. She worked as a tourist guide.
He opened the door. He took the key out of his pocket.
I felt tired. She was feeling John hurt his arm playing tennis. very tired.
She doesn’t have a car. I went to bed early.

Exercise 4. Make one sentence of two using participles.

He hasn’t got much money. He is unemployed.

I didn’t want to go to the cinema. I had already seen it twice.

Jim cut himself. He was shaving.

John was playing tennis. He hurt his arm.

I was watching TV. I felt asleep.

The man slipped. He was getting off a bus.

I was walking home in the rain. I got wet.

Margaret was driving to work yesterday She had an accident.

Two foremen were John hurt his arm playing tennis. overcome by smoke. They were trying to put out the fire.

She finished her work. Then she went home.

They continued their Journey. They had had their dinner.

We bought our tickets. Then we went into the theatre.

Exercise 5. Make sentences beginning with -ing or Not -ing. Sometimes yon have to begin with Having + Past Participle.

Lucy had done all her shopping. She went for a cup of coffee.

I felt tired. So I went to bed early.

I thought they might be hungry. So I offered them something to eat.

She is a foreigner. So she needs a visa to John hurt his arm playing tennis. stay in this country.

I didn’t know his address. So I wasn’t able to contact him.

Sally has travelled a lot. So she knew a lot about other countries.

The man wasn’t able to understand English. So he didn’t know what Iwanted.

We had spent nearly all our money. So we couldn’t afford to stayin a hotel.

Exercise 6. Translate into English suing Participle where possible.

Получив телеграмму, моя сестра немедленно выехала в Москву.

Войдя в класс, преподаватель спросил дежурного, кто отсутствует.

Мать улыбалась, глядя на детей, играющих в саду.

Взяв ручку и бумагу, мальчик John hurt his arm playing tennis. стал писать письмо отцу, уехавшему на Дальний Восток.

Услышав голос друга, я вышел из комнаты, чтобы встретить его.

Увидев незнакомого человека, я извинился и вернулся в свою комнату.

Будьте осторожны, переходя улицу.

Прожив много лет в Англии, он хорошо говорит по-английски.

Читая эту книгу, я встретил несколько интересных выражений.

Прочитав эту книгу, мальчик вернул ее в библиотеку.

Студенты, читающие английские книги в оригинале, легко овладевают языком.

Проведя лето в деревне, больной совершенно поправился.

Документ John hurt his arm playing tennis.